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website design & development


Frogtummy is a marketing company specializing in website design & development. Our websites are unique, custom, and full of imagination.

Services include website design and development, hosting, content management, eCommerce, email, secure forms, custom animation and embedded media. We love to create a dynamic online presence that perfectly showcases your desired image.


content management


We are proud of our proprietary Content Management System (CMS). The CMS enables you to update your website on your own, 24/7. Requires very little training, and we are told it is easy to use! (By design.)

We cannot say enough good about our CMS. It is used by our smallest businesses to our largest corporations. We would love to talk with you about how it can take your website to a whole new level. And you will notice the difference in the bottom line! Our clients regularly comment on the cost savings and independence that comes with our CMS.

Our CMS is sold independently of our website design / development services.




Experience designing business cards, billboards, product guides, playbills, banners, case studies, white papers, advertisements, flyers, and more! We see the project through from design, to proof, to final delivery.




We have expertise in character animation, image animation, and dynamic websites! Animations can be subtle or not-so-subtle, depending on your taste and needs.

Examples include:

Character AnimationGet Air Trampoline Parks
Image AnimationYoung Living Raindrop Technique
Dynamic WebsiteEast Warehouse Self Storage

Animations can fun or elegant or anywhere in between. The goal is to call attention to specific areas of your website without being intrusive or garish.




ALL of our clients want recognition and prominence on Google and other popular search engines! Our sites are developed in a way that supports search engine optimization. One of our clients, East Warehouse Self Storage, noted "double" their typical monthly traffic within two months of going live with their new, mobile-responsive website.




We provide brand strategy that showcases your company brand, utilizing fonts, colors, shapes, photography, graphic art, literary style, and so forth. We incorporate of your brand into your website and online marketing, as well as print media such as flyers, business cards, advertisements, banners.




Many of our clients request our consulting services for product & brand strategy, project management, product development, and process management.